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Recruiting is all about being noticed by college coaches. You can get noticed at tournaments, showcases, institutional camps or by leveraging the relationships of high school or AAU coaches. However, the easiest and most overlooked approach is the direct method which involves contacting coaches directly and sharing your information (resume).

“You miss 100% of the shots your don’t take.”

Wayne Gretsky

Powerful Recruiting

Get many benefits that will help in your recruiting journey.

  • Look like an expert and make a great first impression
  • Make it super easy for coaches to recruit you
  • Stand out from other athletes
  • Keep 100% control of your information
  • Update and share with coaches on the fly
  • Easy to find colleges and coaches


  • Unlimited videos and photos
  • Track & chart measureables
  • Social media linking
  • Include academics
  • Include schedule & successes
  • Update & share on the run
  • Over 1000 colleges
  • Supports multi-sport athletes
  • Control your image online

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