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About us

mySportResume is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit offering the easiest and safest platform for creating sport resumes, finding colleges, connecting with coaches.

mySportResume is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit platform created to help student athletes with college recruiting.

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Founded by a high school athlete to provide other athletes with an easier and safer way to navigate the recruiting process at no cost.

7 Million

There are 7 million+ high school athletes playing sports across the United States. Our goal is to help as many of these athletes as possible.


With over 2,000 universities and colleges offereing athletic programs across the United States, you can find the perfect fit.

Why a nonprofit organization?

When founding mySportResume, we believed the recruiting industry was in dire need of an organization that could focus 100% on creating a safe and easy recruiting platform for student athletes, without the burden of generating profits and pleasing investors. For-profit companies have a responsibility to generate revenue and profit and that usually comes in the form of fees to students, parents or schools or by selling ads or your information.

Be proactive with your recruiting!

Our cause

To ensure that every student athlete in the United States has unfettered access to the recruiting tools needed to pursue a dream of playing college sports. Every athlete willing to work hard deserves their shot.

How are we different from recruiting companies

mySportResume is not a "for-profit" recruiting service. We are a nonprofit organization created to help student athletes with recruiting by providing the necessary tools for building sport resumes, finding colleges and sharing information with coaches. Our organization will continue to develop and offer value-add tools through the support of corporate partners and charitable foundations.

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